Let’s Make October Breast Cancer Prevention Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. As soon as the month starts, and even awhile before we see pink ribbons appearing on
everything. Within the last couple of years sports teams began wearing uniforms that include the color pink. My question to all of you is, “How many of you are not aware that breast cancer is a problem and the number of women and men who are diagnosed with breast cancer is increasing?” The most recent statistic I heard said 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. WOW! What I would like to know is where is the talk about what women and men can do to PREVENT getting breast cancer amongst the Pink Ribbons? The main focus of the pink message is early detection and awareness. I have started to ask women what they are doing to prevent breast cancer and many of them cannot answer the question.  Or their answer is self breast exams and  mammograms. But self breast exams and mammograms do NOT prevent breast cancer. There is even some research that suggests that mammograms may be one of the reasons that the number of women being diagnosed with breast cancer is because the number of women receiving mammograms has increased. But before we discuss that let’s look at what we can do to decrease our risk of developing breast cancer and other types of cancer.

Here is a list of a number of things that you can do to decrease your risk of developing breast cancer. This list is not
comprehensive and it should not replace the advice of your health care provider but be used as a general guide.

  1. Wear your bra less hours in a day. It can constrict lymph flow.
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Vitamin D- make sure you are getting enough, supplements may be necessary
  4. Avoid chemical contraception and hormone replacement therapy
  5. Minimize your sugar intake
  6. Avoid environmental toxins
  7. Reduce your stress: physical, emotional, chemical
  8. Chiropractic care- make sure your nervous system is functioning optimally and better able to respond to all
    the stress in our lives
  9. Reduce the use of commercial body care products: make-up, soap, and deodorant/antiperspirant
  10. Get enough sleep 10p-6a is the optimal time to sleep
  11. Reduce exposure to EMF’s  (electromagnetic fields)
  12. Reduce radiation exposure
  13. Make changes to your diet
    1. Eat organic meats/dairy
    2. Reduce red meat in your diet
    3. Eat broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, and cabbage, seaweed and add tumeric to your food
    4. Reduce processed foods
    5. Limit your alcohol intake
    6. Eat healthy fats
    7. Drink green tea
  14. Maintain a healthy weight
  15. Be physically active
  16. Choose breast feeding; its good for you and your baby
  17. Drink filtered water from a stainless steel or glass bottle (suggested amount is half your body weight in
  18. Consider the use of thermography for early detection instead of mammograms

I realize this list may seem overwhelming. Changing any habit can be a challenge. It is best to choose 1 or 2 areas that you would like to change about your current lifestyle to focus on initially and then build from there. Set reasonable goals and reward yourself for achieving them. Remember, each step you take is improving your health and reducing your risk of developing cancer. It’s a win-win situation!


Let’s start calling October Breast Cancer Prevention month and let’s spread the message about what we can do everyday to prevent
breast cancer.
I am always looking for feedback or comments to what is written as well as additional things that we can do to prevent breast cancer to add to the current list. I can be emailed at drjen@drjenasheville.com. Thank you for your time. Please spread the word to everyone you know! There are ways to reduce your risk of developing cancer!!