Dr Jenn offers both traditional and light force forms of adjusting. She utilizes Network Spinal Analysis, Activator, Thompson Terminal Point drop, SOT, Diversified, extremity adjusting, as well as Webster technique for pregnant women. Her adjustment techniques are safe and recommended for all ages from newborn to 100+.


Mind the Body Therapies, Inc. is offering Myofascial Release massage at this location. Dr Jenn highly recommends combining chiropractic and MFR for even more outstanding results. To learn more and schedule an appointment please click


Juice Plus

Dr Jenn uses Juice Plus+ as part of her daily routine for maintaining her health and living a full, healthy life. She first heard of Juice Plus+ from a distributor and was intrigued by the idea of whole food nutrition. She started learning about it, looking at the extensive research and eventually ordered it to start taking it to experience the results first hand. Dr Jenn only recommends products that she has used or uses herself. After 3 months she noticed her nails were stronger, she recovered quicker and had less aches after some of her long hikes, and her hair was stronger and healthier. She was surprised since her eating habits included a good number of fruits and vegetables as part of her daily diet and overall she felt great! Now she felt even better!

Do you currently get between 7 and 13 servings of fruit and vegetables daily? Ask Dr Jenn about getting started.