Dr. Jenn is going to Ireland!

Dr. Jenn will be out of the office from August 15 – September 7, travelling to Ireland for 10 days of intensive personal healing and training (and a little bit of fun, as well!). She will return to the office on September 8.

Responding to Practice Member demand, Dr. Jenn will not have another chiropractor cover her practice while she is away, and is instead working one-on-one with each of her Practice Members to develop personalized plans for their care covering before, during, and after her trip to Ireland. Read on for some of Dr. Jenn’s thoughtful guidance!

Preparation for Getting the Most Out of YOUR Travel and Vacation Plans When You Don’t Have Access to Your Healers

  1. Increase the frequency of care at least 4-6 weeks prior to leaving on your trip or going on vacation. This means if your recommended care is 2xs weekly and you will not have access to your chiropractor for 3 weeks that you add in 6 visits prior to August 14th (Dr Jenn’s last day in the office.) This helps your spine and nervous system to be in the best condition prior to travelling.
  2. Be diligent about being hydrated and eating habits, completing any recommended exercises or stretches, decreasing stress or follow-thru with any habit that supports your overall health and well-being.
  3. Attend “Simple Steps to Reduce Stress and Thrive: An Introduction” on July 27th or August 10th at 7pm and/or “Breathing to Healing: Stage 1” on August 3rd at 7pm. Please join our Meetup group to get more information.
  4. Schedule healing sessions with Ali or Julie of Mind the Body Therapies for a Myofascial Release Session thru August 21st. MFR supports you and your healing care with great results. We have numerous practice members who love the combination. (www.mtbtherapies.com / 828-713-7702) (They will be in Ireland 8/22 thru 9/6.)
  5. Schedule a physical therapy session with Dr Sean Simmonds. He is the DPT who is working out of our office. He can help develop exercises that support your chiropractic care. Feedback from current practice members using his services has been excellent. (Specializednc.com / 828-484-4200)
  6. While on vacation stay hydrated, bring your MFR treatment ball and complete recommended exercises.
  7. Schedule your chiropractic appointments for the week of Sept 6th early to be sure you can get in the schedule. A few extra visits when you are back in the office will have you quickly back on track.

If you have any questions about developing a personalized plan, please speak to Dr Jenn.